First Blog….I’ll Drink To That!

Don’t know yet what this blog will be about.  i have a Tumblr & Live Journal I barley use.  I think I made a wordpress for a college course, but I lost my password for it, so this one will have to do!  But I think in general I’ll just be posting random quotes and favorite things…..enjoy if you must:

Wine.  Very few things are as relaxing as just sitting down at the end the day with a nice cold glass of sweet white wine (a very manly drink, I know).  

The best wine that i have found is Cupcake Moscato D’Asti.  It has the best flavor, which can be dangerous, and is very cost effective too. It runs about $10.99 at the local Meijer.  Red Wines give ma headache, so I stick iwth my whites.  It’s good with desserts, main courses, or couch sitting, swimming, reading, just about evything except for driving.  I highly suggest this wine!